Our Vision

Our message is to show others wildlife and how delicate it is in a place that few ever have the opportunity to visit — East Africa. It is a vast expanse of many landforms including volcanos, mountains, grasslands, rainforests, lakes, and farmland. This film features panoramic views of animals in their natural habitat in East Africa.

The documentary puts viewers at an eye level with dramatic natural history moments that reflect the storyline of how and why the Limited Edition books were made.

To the Ends of the Earth Documentary Film

Experience life as it is in East Africa, a place where natural beauty is all around but as we look in the rearview mirror extinction is closely looming. To The Ends of The Earth is a magnificent video that showcases many of the large animals who call East Africa home. It is magical to watch the extraordinary grace of zebras running in the grasslands and to watch the sheer determination of East African elephants survive in the wild.

To The Ends of the Earth is a composite look at wildlife through the eyes of the famed wildlife photographer, composer and one-time young inhabitant of East Africa, Todd Gustafson. Todd’s respect and awe for East African wildlife are apparent in the videos he created while revisiting Tanzania after being away for years. His vision is to give viewers a realistic look at the habitat of East Africa and then ask those same viewers to think about how they too can support conservation efforts.

The film, To The Ends of the Earth, is narrated by renowned primatologist, anthropologist and UN Messenger of Peace, Jane Goodall. The film is divided into three parts. Part one serves as the introduction about how the concept of To The Ends of the Earth came to fruition. It highlights Todd Gustafson’s years growing up in Tanzania and how his sharp eye led to a passion for wildlife photography. In Part One, Todd explains the process of how to capture just the right image that will be memorable for all. Part Two clearly shows us how emotion and the human condition is very apparent in the wild. All animals have the same basic needs, and when you witness it firsthand in East Africa, it merely reinforces the belief that animals and humans share similar traits. The final part, Part Three, focuses on the physical aspects that are shared by the wildlife and domesticated life. At the end of the film, all are asked to support conservation initiatives for all wildlife. The film’s soundtrack is an original score written by Todd Gustafson and performed by the Nashville Music Scoring Orchestra.

We have one Earth, and each one of us can do something to protect and conserve the beautiful habitat that dwells on it. To the Ends of the Earth reminds us that it is in our collective best interest to lend a helping hand to promote and enforce survival for wildlife and for humans, also. Contact us today for more information about To the Ends of the Earth.

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A portion of all proceeds from the sales of our documentary DVD, our music CD, and all of the products that we offer on this website will be donated to wildlife conservation efforts all over the world.

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