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DVD: To the Ends of the Earth; East Africa

image of DVD of East Africa safari animal photography

DVD: To the Ends of the Earth; East Africa

This DVD is your chance to own the documentary To the Ends of the Earth.  Here you can experience the stunning visuals; both still photographs and dramatic video tell a story of the human condition reflected in nature with a strong conservation message.  Each disc has 6 intriguing extras not seen on television, including a conservation message, writing and recording of the music, safari tales, and more.

Written, filmed, and photographed by Todd Gustafson

Narrated by Jane Goodall

Original orchestral score composed by Todd Gustafson



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  1. Todd! We just finished watching your documentary…. Riveting! My ants in his pants hubby Bill was totally engrossed. He even made me play the extras! Every. one. of. them. Lol.

    He also wanted me to tell you thank you very much! Sigh, I can only imagine how thrilling it is to be there in person, as YOU we were on the edge of our seats. Excellent job,

  2. I laughed, I cried, I smiled, I got goosebumps and that was only in the first 5 minutes of the DVD! JANE GOODALL…REALLY?!?!? WOWSER…..over the top composition, subjects, music and presentation. can’t wait to watch it again! You done good Sir!

    Congratulations. Can’t wait for safari again…..I hope to take those words of wisdom into my next adventure.

  3. Hello, Todd! I just watched your magnificent video on PBS To the Ends of the Earth: East Africa! Your intimate knowledge of the animals and this area is incredible and shows in the photos and video taken! I can’t wait for more of your series to be released!

  4. Todd, We watched your wonderful show last night on New Jersey Public Broadcasting. It was spectacular! The images, the videos, the music. AND, your sharing of how it all works to take these great photos! Oh so good! I had sent a link to friends in my area who also

    loved it. What a life you are leading. So good. Thank you again.

  5. Absolutely stunning documentary, I just watched!!! Thank you so much for your beautiful photography! Great to know how it’s done…and NO SETUPS!!

  6. Jack (my dog) gives my friend Todd Gustafson’s newly released documentary To the Ends of the Earth East Africa, a big 5 out of 5 tail wags (his highest recommendation) ! The images and videos are stunning. Check your local PBS listings to see if it is being aired or google for information!

  7. My wife and I saw your presentation on our New Jersey PBS TV station last evening. It was great! Is the video collection available for purchase and if so, what is the cost?

  8. Excellent documentary, we were riveted to the screen. Amazing photography and musical composition. I bought the DVD to share with the grand-kids. Pure awesomeness! Thanks for sharing, the images and how they are made, Todd Gustafson!!

  9. And a very happy new year to you Todd – thank you so very much for the books and blu-ray disc with Jane Goodall and your exceptionally nice remarks inside. The film and Book Set are nothing less than stupendous – your every gift of conservation photography has

    stimulated me to launch a new free. Online conservation magazine where science and photography meet – it’s in the Paws Trails stable and can be seen at :

  10. I saw this on KQED’s second channel. I LOVE your project. Usually you see animals fighting and killing each other, not dancing and co-existing. I can’t thank you enough. I want to thank you for allowing me to see your awesome photography on PBS. Photos like that can not happen by chance. I also appreciated the humble way it was presented. GREAT Photography info. Thank You

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