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CD Sound Track

image of original soundtrack CD for conservation film of photographs of African wildlife

CD Sound Track

You can own the 22 original pieces composed by Todd Gustafson and recorded by a 65-piece orchestra. Lush strings, melodic winds, heroic brass, and powerfully rhythmic percussion reflect the story and feeling of the natural beauty seen on the documentary.



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  1. I’m wondering if the score/soundtrack for “Oceans” will become available on CD. Have to tell you that I found the music breathtaking, as spectacular as the images, more so. I studied the credits for the music composer and it was eye-opening to discover the film-maker is also the composer. The score during the elegant swim of the turtle was especially unique. Does any of Oceans’ music also appear on the East Africa CD? Thanks!

  2. Excellent documentary, we were riveted to the screen. Amazing photography and musical composition. I bought the DVD to share with the grand-kids. Pure awesomeness! Thanks for sharing, the images and how they are made, Todd Gustafson!!

  3. I just watched Oceans on PBS and it was spectacular. Your videography has surely advanced to a breathtaking level. Your music was also wonderful without being intrusive. Stunning achievement!

  4. Just saw on NYC public TV the wonderfully beautiful To the Ends if the Earth-Birds of East Africa. I have seen great photo work before, but Sir, NEVER have the images been so vivid—stirring my wife and I to such wonder. Your work is more than remarkable, AND

    THEN YOU TELL US HOW YOU DO IT!!! And to have the gift of scoring the music too–well I stand in wonder as GOD’S creation came to my eyes. Though I will never be able to visit, the talent living in you gave me the best glimpse of those marvelous animals I, We

    will ever see. Thank you. PS, I LOVE Jane Goodall, but Is the other Narrator Kevin Costner???????

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