Anders Gustafson

Anders Gustafson

Cinematographer, Live Sound Technician & Assistant Film Editor

Anders Gustafson grew up in a world where international travel, especially East Africa, was ingrained as a part of his life. His understanding of East African wildlife coupled with his film-making skills have added a greater depth to the storyline, interview quality, and in-the-field sound design of the documentary.

A graduate of De Paul University film school, Anders Gustafson has honed his vision and his film, audio, and editing techniques and adds these strengths to our documentary. His in-the-field wildlife audio recordings and on-location interviews add intimacy and depth to the final product. Anders interned as an assistant for Primary Wave Entertainment while in Los Angeles, worked on several short films with Chicago filmmakers at Cinespace studios, and worked as a videographer for Hoop Bros.  Anders directed the recently released documentary, Perpetual Twilight.

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