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"To The End's Of the Earth"

The Inspiration

As with anyone, there have been many major influences in my wildlife photography career. However, this book would not be possible if it weren’t for my father. In 1962, at 40 years of age, he left Rockford, Illinois and moved his family to Tanzania, East Africa to teach at the still to be completed Magamba Secondary School. He taught Biology/ Zoology, and became the school’s second headmaster.   Magamba forever opened our eyes to a new world. His courage, strength, and vision have shaped my life ever since.

So…thank you to a Navy veteran, teacher, machinist, scientist, administrator, photographer, musician, son, husband, friend, mentor, my Father, Paul Gustafson.

Todd Gustafson

Jane Goodall

“Despite TV and the internet, books still play a very important role in many of our lives. We can hold them, lay them on our coffee tables, display them in our bookshelves – look through them in front of a fire in winter. To the Ends of the Earth is a book you can look through, again and again, seeing more each time. Some of us will feel a sense of nostalgia as we are reminded of our own adventures in the wild places. Others will gain more understanding of a world they have never experienced. For all of us, it is a book we shall treasure and share with as many people as possible.”

Jane Goodall UN Messenger of Peace

About Our Founder
Todd Gustafson

Todd Gustafson

Founder, Senior Photographer & Film Editor

Todd Gustafson has been photographing nature, wildlife, and natural history around the world for the last two decades. Capturing beautiful light on intriguing subjects – in an artistic way – at the decisive moment – is his continuous personal goal. He has led photographic safaris all across the globe, including Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, Zanzibar, Madagascar, India, England, Scotland, Ireland, Brazil, and Namibia…

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To The Ends Of The Earth

Anders Gustafson

Cinematographer, Live Sound Technician & Assistant Film Editor

Gary Fry

Orchestrator & Conductor

Jo Ann Daugherty

Music & Mix Supervisor

Ryan Bennett


Fred Breitberg

Mix & Mastering Engineer
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