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To the Ends of the Earth started as a project that would help fund conservancy programs in East Africa. Renown wildlife photographer Todd Gustafson has captured hundreds of wildlife photographs and thought he could do something with them to benefit the animals he so cherished.

The To the Ends of the Earth documentary features an original score written by Todd Gustafson.

To the Ends of the Earth Documentary Score

Music is often referred to as the universal language. Numerous research studies conclude that music creates emotional, mental and physical responses to what is around us. Indeed, musical scores and soundtracks are just as important as the storyline in most films. Music is powerful, like a lion hunting for dinner or a zebra mother tending to her young. The documentary,  To The Ends of The Earth, is a magnificent film that showcases many of the large animals who call East Africa home. The musical score captures the feel of one of the last wild frontiers known to man.

The very talented Todd Gustafson used his camera to create the film and then turned around and used his pen to write the music for it, too. Todd wrote 22 pieces of original music for the documentary. To put the music in the documentary, the individual pieces were edited to fit the film. Legendary conductor, Gary Fry, led the Nashville Music Scoring Orchestra to record the pieces to create the compelling soundtrack. The music is very moving, and it stirs emotions in all who hear it.

As you watch the documentary, To The Ends of The Earth, you will undoubtedly be moved by the music that plays in perfect tandem with the imagery on the screen. The music represents that we have one Earth, and each one of us can do something to protect and conserve the beautiful habitat that dwells on it. To the Ends of the Earth reminds us that it is in our collective best interest to lend a helping hand to promote and enforce survival for wildlife and for humans, too. Contact us today for more information about To the Ends of the Earth.

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A portion of all proceeds from the sales of our documentary DVD, our music CD, and all of the products that we offer on this website will be donated to wildlife conservation efforts all over the world.

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