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Did you know that there are 7.7 billion people and only one Earth? Did you know that The International Union for Conservation of Nature currently states that 16,306 living things are facing a high risk of extinction? This figure includes mammals, amphibians, birds, conifers, and reef-building corals. All of us humans need to work together to help living things survive longer on Earth.

Which Species Are Near Extinction in East Africa?

Since you are interested in Todd Gustafson and the To The Ends of the Earth project, the focus here will be on what animals are endangered in Tanzania. Tanzania is home to about 300 types of mammals. The mammals that are on the endangered list are on the list because these mammals are victims of poaching and habitat destruction.

The following mammals who live in Tanzania are on the endangered list:

Ader’s duiker. The Ader’s duiker resembles a white-tailed deer or antelope. This animal is often alone or with only one or two other duikers. They are timid and very sensitive to loud sounds. They eat flowers and leaves during the day.

Eastern Black Rhinoceros. Sadly this one-and-a-half ton animal is hunted only for its horns. The Eastern Black Rhinoceros is aggressive which can ward off potential poachers. This mammal is nocturnal and eats fruits, leaves, and shoots.

Common Chimpanzee. The common chimpanzee is a member of the great ape species. The mammal weighs about 100 to 120 pounds and lives in groups of comprised of 15 to 150 other chimpanzees, with one male leader who runs the show. The chimpanzees use sticks to find food like ants and honey. Disease, poaching, and loss of habitat all contribute to the loss of chimpanzees.

Desperate Shrew. The Desperate Shrew looks like a mouse and lives in the humid climate of the subtropical and tropical parts of the forest. Desperate Shrews diet mainly consists of insects and worms. These animals do not live long, about 12 to 30 months, however, their species is rapidly declining due to the loss of habitat in Tanzania.

African Wild Dog. The African Wild Dog looks a lot like a German Shepard. They are very social animals and live in packs. Unfortunately, disease and humans are the reason for the reduction of their population.

To the Ends of the Earth

Through his breathtaking images, Todd Gustafson shares his experiences with the creatures of the world as they share our human experiences of eating, sleeping, playing, mating, giving birth, raising young and dying, co-existing with humanity in a battle of survival on this wondrous planet we call Earth. Be sure to take time to watch To the Ends of the Earth documentary.

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