Our Vision

Through the photographic images that comprise the books and documentary film, To the Ends of the Earth, we not only hope to educate society about the amazing wildlife in the world around us but bring an awareness of the delicate balance of nature and how it is threatened every day, all over the world. Todd Gustafson’ photographs reveal breathtaking images of the creatures of the world as they eat, sleep, play, mate, give birth, raise their young and live their lives, all co-existing in a battle of survival on this wondrous planet we call Earth.

Todd presents Jane with her “To The Ends of the Earth” edition. Many thanks to Jane Goodall for her heartfelt forward.

To the Ends of the Earth Documentary Books

In an effort to find a way to use his photography skills to raise more money for wildlife conservancy in East Africa, renowned photographer Todd Gustafson decided to create a limited edition portfolio that featured his exquisite wildlife photos. To the Ends of the Earth is a series of three books. The limited-edition books are titled East Africa, Birds of East Africa and The Natural World. The three books are 20” x 20” in size, leather-bound, with hand-sewn bindings.

To create books this giant with the precision that was necessary for an attractive presentation was quite a challenge. Todd persevered and found the best paper to print on which, in the end, the paper he chose was similar in color and weight to the Audubon folios of the 1800s. To accommodate the large pages, Todd ended up building a custom print shop, purchasing two printers that he adapted to print on both sides of the large paper correctly. The other 2 volumes in the To the Ends of the Earth book series are Birds of East Africa and The Natural World. The new documentary film, To the Ends of the Earth, narrated by conservationist Jane Goodall, was based on these books.

Renowned wildlife photographer, Todd Gustafson, has documented his life’s work into these one-of-a-kind books that will be treasured for years to come. The large pages capture the essence of wildlife in East Africa. The giraffes are elegant, and elephants are massive, and those characteristics come to life on the pages of these books. To the Ends of the Earth reminds us that it is in our collective best interest to lend a helping hand to promote and enforce survival for wildlife and for humans, also. Contact us today for more information about To the Ends of the Earth products.

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A portion of all proceeds from the sales of our documentary DVD, our music CD, and all of the products that we offer on this website will be donated to wildlife conservation efforts all over the world.

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